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LightSpeed Microscopy

Rapid non-destructive slide-free 3D pathology
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Our Technology

Open-top light-sheet (OTLS) microscopy for Rapid 3D Scanning of large intact samples

LightsSpeed’s technology enables fast, non-destructive, 3D microscopy. Our unique design enables high-throughput 3D microscopy of large and/or multiple tissue specimens.



Conventional histopathology requires hours to days of tissue processing.  With OTLS microscopy, volumetric visualization can be achieved in an hour or less.


Specimens no longer have to be laboriously processed, sectioned, mounted on slides, and digitized with whole-slide scanners.  Our advanced imaging technologies reduce the labor.


With conventional histopathology, 2D slide-mounted tissue sections are viewed in an attempt to understand complex 3D structures.  With OTLS microscopy, direct 3D visualization of large specimens is possible.


Because specimens no longer need to be physically sectioned, the entire specimen can be saved for additional assays.

LightSpeed Microscopy Technology
Improving Biomedical Imaging

Conventional histopathology technology is dated. It is time-consuming, destructive, performs limited sampling of specimens, and can be misleading because it yields 2D views of a 3D specimen. Other 3D microscopy systems are not well-suited for high-throughput imaging of samples with arbitrary geometries and large sizes or numbers. With grants from the National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Prostate Cancer Foundation, and the University of Washington, a novel open-top light-sheet microscopy system has been developed to transform the capabilities of histopathology.

Support from the Scientific Community

“In recent years, researchers have made major advances in understanding and treating cancer. But the tools used in diagnosing and staging cancer have changed little in the last 100 years. The hope is that this advance—and others to come—can usher the field of pathology into the digital age, alleviating frustration for patients and their families and, most importantly, translating to improved, potentially life-saving care.”

Dr. Francis Collins

Director, National Institute of Health

“Overcoming the shortcomings of traditional histology could decrease healthcare costs and improve patient care…Glaser et al. developed an open-top light-sheet microscopy system that enables rapid, nondestructive imaging of intact clinical specimens.”

Kwanghung Chung

Science Translational Medicine

“Despite attempts at imaging large, fixed and cleared tissues with LSFM, the ability to deliver a clinically useful method remains challenging…Jonathan Liu and colleagues now describe a light-sheet microscope that performs rapid 3D histopathology of intact tissues.” Rory Power and Jan Huisken

Nature Biomedical Engineering


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